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Old Party Hat

The Old Party Hat.

The Old Party Hat, also called the Beta Hat referring to the Beta Test Party is the most rare item in the newly opened Club Penguin. It was availible for about 100 penguins, who were testing the game and looking for bugs. Penguins, who wear the item are called Beta Testers.

Facts about the hat

  • It was only available for 4 hours (between 12:00 and 14:00) in the UK time, and the US time.
  • It is totally discontinued, and it will never be released again.
  • There are lots of movies on YouTube telling about how to get the hat. Believe it? Look at the previous point.
  • It was given out in Town.
  • One year after the Beta Test Party, a similar version of the hat was given out, celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Club Penguin.
  • It is the only un-official item. Why? Because the Beta Test Party wasn't an official party, the Halloween '05 was the first official party

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